3 Surprising Uses for Fiber Optic Cables

Many people don’t understand exactly how fiber optics work, even though they probably know at this point that it can be used for internet in people’s homes. Fiber optic cables are capable of data transmission, and this happens using fast traveling pulses of light. There is another layer of glass, known as cladding, that is wrapped around the central fiber. It causes light to bounce off the walls of the cable over and over again rather than come out at the edges. This enables the signal to go a further distance without any attenuation.

If you are considering working with fiber optics in your home, you might wonder a few things. You might want to know more about what a fiber optics integrator does, for example. In addition, you might have a few questions. For example, does fiber internet use coax? Does fiber optic internet require a phone line? Does my house have internet? If you have any of the aforementioned questions or others, you might be interested in talking to experts, such as fiber cable manufacturers. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have about fiber optics and how you can make them work well for you in your home.

Fiber optic cables have been around longer than you might think. The first fiber optic cable was actually used in 1988 to create a connection from the United States to France and Britain. Since this time, many people have become familiar with fiber optic cable as a way to obtain faster data transfer speeds. Research obtained during March 2017 found that almost 3.74 billion people reported regularly using the internet. However, fiber optic cables offer much more than fast internet speeds. With that in mind, here are three surprising uses for fiber optic cables.

Popular as Lighting Cables

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Throughout the United States, many people want their properties or businesses to feature excellent lighting. With that in mind, fiber optics have become extremely popular within the lighting industry. Using fiber optic cables allow lighting manufacturers to create products that are both reliable and cost efficient. During the holidays, it’s likely that you’re using fiber optic cables without even knowing it. Many holiday lighting companies utilize bulk fiber optic cables inside of their wires.

Keeping Vehicles Safer

You might be surprised to learn how popular bulk fiber optic cables are for vehicle manufacturers. Numerous studies report that vehicles are safer and last longer than they have in the past. One reason for this is because of the lighting fast signal speeds that fiber optic cable provides.

Helping Provide Excellent Sound Quality

Whether owning a home or business, many people need to have speakers throughout these locations. Considering that, you might be surprised to find that bulk zipcord fiber optic cables help you with this project. Bulk zipcord fiber optic cables utilize more than one conductor. By pulling apart the jacket, you’re able to separate your fiber optic cable wires.

In conclusion, there are a few surprising uses for fiber optic cables that you might not have known about. Many industries use these cables to receive faster transfer speeds. In addition, these items provide the ability for data to be transmitted for longer distances than other types of cables. Whether you’re completing a DIY project or choosing the right cables for your company’s products, it’s wise to consider choosing fiber optic cables.

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