Cloud Servers That Double as Radiators?

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Cloud hosting services can do some pretty amazing things to say the very least. They can make companies more productive, more innovative, more cost-efficient, and if a new startup is successful, heat homes.

Dutch startup Nerdalize offers consumers high-performance cloud servers that double as radiators thanks to the excess heat generated from computing.

Though it’s quite the innovative idea, it seems a little bit obvious in retrospect, one that was probably a matter of time before being put into practice. Like any heavy-duty piece of computing equipment, cloud servers emit a good deal of heat, and need constant cooling if they’re to remain fully operational. Cloud servers emit so much heat, in fact, that if their temperature isn’t tended to, they could shut down. Consequently, this eats up a ton of energy.

Cloud servers’ heat, however, doesn’t have to go to waste. Rather than being fought, it can be used to heat homes and offices, which is precisely what Nerdalize hopes to do.

Nerdalize’s cloud servers don’t look like cloud servers, either. They look just like they act, like radiators.

Best of all, the heat is totally free. Home owners simply allow Nerdalize to install one of their servers in the home, and that’s that. The startup will take care of the installation, and the cost of energy their servers eat up, while home owners get to enjoy free heat.

Nerdalize also offers competitive pricing to its clients seeking web hosting, too. Because it operates in the cloud, bypassing the conventional needs of data centers, its prices are estimated to be about 55% lower than other web hosting providers.

Although the startup is only just entering a trial phase that’s limited to the Netherlands, it may very well come to the States should things go well. Other companies may also take their lead, and offer similar services as well.

If you have any questions about what cloud web hosting can do, feel free to share in the comments.

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