Could Social Media Be the Future of B2B Lead Generation Marketing?

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According to the latest surveys from B2B businesses and marketing companies, social media platforms are still some of the most popular — but also the most difficult — ways to incorporate content marketing into B2B lead generation campaigns.

But what’s the big deal? If social media is used so often with B2C marketing, why have B2B online marketing companies been so hesitant to use social media sites in the past? More importantly, why are companies now interested in using social media?

  1. The biggest roadblock with social media usage in B2B SEO marketing is that it’s not easy to measure ROI with a social media campaign — and when you’re dealing with online marketing and B2B businesses, being able to correlate lead generation strategies with high-quality conversion rates is absolutely imperative. When social media platforms are used in B2B marketing, they’re rarely — if ever — effective if used in the exact same way as with B2C online marketing.

  2. These days, B2B online marketing companies are getting a little more confident with the way that they use social media; in fact, the average B2B marketer uses around six different social media sites for lead generation strategies, and surveys from the beginning of 2015 show that more businesses have expressed interest in learning about how to implement social media into B2B lead generation.

  3. The reason for the sudden interest in social media is actually something that has been building up for years, and it’s something already evident in B2C marketing: social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for businesses to market a product or service, and it’s also incredibly effective for building a brand and taking advantage of breaking news stories. Ultimately, people use social media sites for so many different purposes that businesses are missing out if they aren’t taking advantage; whether people use LinkedIn to find out about industry news or Facebook to keep in touch with past coworkers, nearly every social media site can be used for professional purposes.

    So now we’re wondering what you think about all of this — is social media actually becoming a useful aspect of B2B lead generation marketing, or is it just another trend that’s likely to die out because of too little data? We’d love to hear what you think!

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