Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit by Switching to a VoIP Service

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Voice over internet protocol, more commonly referred to as “VoIP,” has become one of the most popular and important business technologies over the last decade. Let’s face it: without a reliable communications solution, businesses wouldn’t be able to contact suppliers, customers, or business partners, and that would lead directly to a less successful — or a nonexistent — business in a hurry. By using the best VoIP services around, businesses of all types and sizes can improve. Here’s how.

Five Reasons It’s Time to Switch to VoIP Service Providers

  1. Voice over Internet Goes Where You Go
  2. As The Houston Chronicle writes, one of the biggest advantages of using voice over internet solutions is mobility. Whereas land-line telephony services require you to sit by a static phone all day long to ensure you receive important phone calls, VoIP allows you to redirect calls to your mobile phone, home computer, laptop, or any other device that has an internet connection and a microphone.

  3. Integrated Communications Functionality
  4. Streamlining technologies and making communications more fluid is a big challenge for any business, and it’s one that VoIP can help solve. As Enterprise Networking Planet points out, VoIP systems can be calibrated to incorporate company-wide instant messaging services, video calls, data-sharing, and more. In other words, VoIP is multiple technologies in one.

  5. Call Screening Capabilities
  6. For Tech Republic, the ability to screen calls is well worth making the jump to VoIP. Whether you need to redirect a call from your significant other to a cellphone, block solicitors’ phone calls, or you imply like to know who is calling before you answer the phone, VoIP providers can give you that.

  7. You Can Combine VoIP with Your CRM System
  8. As any business owner knows, the key to a successful business is happy customers, and the key to happy customers is a quality customer service team. As Tech Target suggests, VoIP systems can be integrated with many top-of-the-line customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Recorded calls can be added directly to customer files, giving you a powerful tool for tracking your relationships with customers and partners.

  9. Hugely Reduced Costs
  10. Of course, for many, there is no better reason to switch to a VoIP provider than the huge savings this Internet Age technology brings. According to, businesses using VoIP lines regularly see savings of 40% on domestic calls and up to 90% on international calls. The savings alone are reason enough to take the leap.

Have you made the switch to VoIP? What benefits has using voice over internet brought to your company? Let us know in the comments below. For more about this, go here.

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