Four Statistics Proving Why Reliable POS Software Is So Important for Pharmacies Today

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Consider these facts:

  • Data from 2010 shows that more than 285 million prescription medications were either ordered or prescribed — in just that one year — by doctors when treating patients at outpatient hospital visits.
  • Between all of the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists that provided medical care to patients in hospital emergency rooms during that same time period, over 271 million prescriptions were ordered or prescribed to patients.
  • It’s no surprise that elderly patients pay more money annually for prescription drugs, but you might be surprised to hear that this demographic pays about $10 billion each year on prescriptions, and about 25% of all elderly patients take at least eight prescriptions — or more — on a regular basis.
  • Overall, the amount of money spent on prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and other items for personal health found at drugstores and pharmacies amounted to about $231 billion dollars in the U.S. during 2011 — and experts state that this number has likely risen quite a bit since then.

So what are the real lessons to take away from these statistics?

  1. Hospitals rely heavily on prescription drugs, many of which are considered “controlled substances,” and having medications monitored and available are absolutely essential for providing adequate care.
  2. As patients age, the likelihood of relying on multiple medications increases. Without proper guidance and education, it’s easy for these older patients to misuse medications accidentally.
  3. Your average local pharmacy processes countless transactions every day, both with prescription drugs and with regular health and personal care items — and it needs a way to keep customer information safe, keep inventory stocked, and provide personal attention to each customer and patient.

And this is exactly where good pharmacy software comes into play — specifically, software included in modern retail pharmacy POS systems, designed with small pharmacies and independent pharmacy dispensing facilities in mind. This pharmacy software isn’t just about having the latest, greatest, and most convenient technology available — it’s about having the necessary technology to ensure the health of every single patient. Read more.

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