Four Ways Live Operator Answering Services Can Assist You

Live operator answering service

You may think that come 5:00 pm on a weekday, over the weekend or on a holiday you are out of luck for getting your customer service questions answered, as many businesses’ hours of operation do not include nights or weekends. The good news is, if a pressing question or concern comes up even when businesses are closed, many large businesses contract services with 24 hour answering services in which you will be connected with a live receptionist answering service representative who can assist you. Here is some more information about the kinds of help that after hours answering services can provide to customers.

#1. Put You In Contact With On-Call Providers

If you have a medical situation occur that doesn’t seem to warrant a trip to urgent care or the emergency room, but you would still like to seek medical council, many medical centers have a medical telephone answering service that can help field calls from patients even when their doctor is not currently working. The customer service representative from the medical telephone answering service will be able to refer you to, and put you in contact with a provider who is currently on-call in your area, if your issue warrants attention.

#2. Answer Questions About Products Or Services

If you need technical assistance with assembling a product or any questions arise about a service, contacting a business telephone answering service can often help answer your questions and solve your problems. About 61% of customers prefer to be able to receive customer service over the phone because it is more convenient than driving to another location. Being able to call at all hours makes it even more convenient for customers.

#3. Document Customer Feedback

Calling a company’s telephone answering service after hours also allows you to leave customer feedback. Although it may seem like complaining doesn’t help anyone, leaving feedback for company about issues you experienced often helps the company see areas in need of improvement. For large companies, often issues may get overlooked because of the logistics of managing so many employees at multiple locations. Calling an answering service representative to air out your concern may help the business improve in the long run and less future customers will run into the same problem you did.

#4. Answer Medical Questions

If you run into a medical question after hours, a medical telephone answering service representative will listen to your question and provide knowledgeable answers and feedback just as your regular doctor would. From answering questions about prescriptions, drug interactions and symptoms, to helping address concerns about side effects and allergic reactions, medical operators will listen to you and help you get your medical questions answered quickly, no matter the day or time. Often, if you have a specific message for your doctor, you will also have the option of leaving a message for when he or she returns to the office.

For questions or comments about how contacting an after hours phone answering service can assist you with your questions or concerns, please leave a comment.

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