How Does Patchbox Simplify Cable Management?

Did you know that Patchbox is the world’s first state-of-the-art cable management system that simplifies and expedites any patchwork task? This carefully designed system includes 24 port switch cassettes that are easily removed. Each cassette holds a single class E cable, and overlength cables are safely and carefully wound by a pulley system within the cassette. The carefully designed mounting rails make it easy to slide the cassettes in and out.

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When you need to patch a cable, simply pull the correct length out of the cassette and install it in the Patchbox. The portion of the cord that hangs down can easily be placed around the patch catches located on both sides of the box. These cords run horizontally and vertically. To find the cord you need, simply pull on the end of it. Patchbox also includes a set of 96 identification labels that can be customized for your needs. This carefully designed system called the Patchbox makes maintenance tasks easier to complete and increases work productivity. For an integrated and state-of-the-art patch cable management system, choose Patchbox.

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