How Incircuit Test Systems Are Optimizing Circuit Boards Everywhere

Bravo Technical Services, Inc. is an excellent resource for all of your necessary calibration services and incircuit test system needs. Let’s take a look at the function of these measurement systems.

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The goal of an incirucit test system is to identify manufacturing defects in order to reduce the necessary labor at the later functional test. When these defects are identified early, there is a greater opportunity for improvement before the functional test begins.

Such defects may include capacitation, resistance, open circuits, and shortages. These may occur by way of the following:

Tombstones: improperly attached or secured components that stick out from the circuit board and pose a risk of falling off.
Solder Shorts: Poor soldering can impact the electrical bond that is necessary for optimal circuit function. If undesirable connections are formed through soldering, or necessary connections are not made, the entire circuit may remain idle.
Lifted Pin: When any piece of any component is not properly attached, the integrity of the circuit board is compromised.

The typical testing system uses a fixture to interface the process and identify glaring issues. Fixtures can then communicate back to you where the circuit board passes the test or where the connection or current is being lost. For quality incircuit test systems, contact Bravo Techincal Services LLC today.

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