How Much Do You Know About The Cables You Use?

Do you know about all of the cables that you use within your home entertainment system or the ones that are attached to your computer? Do you get confused simply by plugging your cell phone in to charge? If you have an issue with all of the wires within your home perhaps it is time to take a look at them and figure out which ones go to what pieces in your home. Before you go out and buy bulk fiber optic cables instead of CAT6 cables because you think that the fiber optic cables are the ones that are going to change your home. We have a small hint for you, the fiber optic cables are not the ones that are going to do it for you.

CAT6 Cables

If you’ve been trying to figure out what the proper term for your cell phone cables are this is it. The CAT6 cable is also known as the lightning cable. The charging cables here are used to power up most popular cell phones. If you find yourself with quite a few CAT6 cables around you, you’ll probably still find yourself going through them quickly. These are the cables that you should be ordering in bulk if you are the type of person who easily loses their chargers or lets others borrow them, then these are the ones you quite often need. Considering that roughly 395 iPhones are sold every minuet, these might just be some of the most popular cables in your home.

Fiber Optic Cables

Buying bulk fiber optic cables could be just the thing you need if there are several modems in your home or business that need to be powered up. These fiber optic cables cause your computers to run faster and more efficiently. When you need that cable that’s going to speed up all of your processes these are the ones that you’re going to need to invest on for the benefit of your work and businesses, or to some, your gaming.

HDMI cable

If you’re a person who finds themselves looking to have the best picture when it comes to your television than it is the HDMI cable that is going to be one of the most important cables you could have in your home theater system. Considering that your HDMI cable can support bandwidth that is 18Gb per second, these cables are valuable when it comes to that clear beautiful picture that you’ll enjoy on your screens.

USB Cables

USB cables may not be used as often any more, but many smart phones that are not made by a certain brand are still on the mini USB cords. For any phones that do not require a lightning cord, it is typically a mini USB that you find yourself searching your draws for in order to charge your phones and other small electronic devices.

These cables may all sound confusing and difficult, but before you end up buying those bulk fiber optic cables instead of CAT6 cables to charge your phone, it might be best to familiarize yourself with which ones are which. Just remember that some of these cables can be used for multiple things, and when they work together you receive some of the best pictures for your televisions or the fastest internet on your top of the line computers. The cables you use may all look and sound the same but the truth is there is a very big difference between all of them.

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