How Solar Panels Work

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Solar panels are being used more and more due to their eco-friendly benefits. This video will explain how we use solar panels to turn the sun’s rays into energy.

The Sun gives off a lot of energy, more energy than the entire population of earth can even make use of. The hope if in the future that we can harness solar power for all of our energy needs.

Solar panels use solar cells made from silicon, usually. Silicon is the most abundant element on work. Special molecules in the cells attract certain particles that come from the suns rays and boom you have electricity from it.

Part of the problem with solar power is that oil companies lobby against it very hard to keep oil as the main source of fuel for people. If everyone switched to solar power, they would lose millions.

Another reason is that solar power doesn’t work on cloudy days or at night. You can’t totally rely on it without somehow addressing these problems. And science just hasn’t produced an answer for it yet.

The solar cells are also very inefficient, converting only 20% of the sunlight. We also need space to lay out enough solar panels. For more info, check out the video above.

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