How to Speed Up Your Computer in No Time

Apple computer tips

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars, on a new computer, to have it function like a snail in a matter of months. Follow these computer tips, and have your computer running faster and more efficiently in no time.

Free computer tip number one! Get rid of all the harmful spyware on your computer, and get software that will help protect it from trojans and viruses. Spyware can be quite catastrophic to a computer because it collects your personal and private information without permission. That is right! Spyware can collect your usernames and passwords, and compromise your confidentiality, while slowing the performance of your computer. Follow this free computer tip, and keep your private information safe!

Need some more tips for a faster computer? Free up disk space! What is disk space, you may be asking? Clear temporary Internet files, delete unnecessary programs you have downloaded, empty the recycle bin, and get rid of programs you no longer use. Do not just begin erasing arbitrarily, though. Use the Disk Cleanup tool, and it will help you narrow down the unnecessary files and programs you can remove and clear from your hard disk.

More free computer tips? No problem! Disk fragmentation can cause some major problems, because it forces your computer to hunt through the hard disk and try to piece files together. Run the Disk Defragmenter regularly, and especially after you have added a large number of files, when your free disk space is at 15 percent or below, and after you add new programs to your computer. This is a very important free computer tip, so do not overlook it!

Is your computer still not running up to speed? You can try to detect and repair disk errors by running the Error Checking utility. The more use your hard drive, the more likely it is to develop back sectors, and this can slow down your computer significantly. Get rid of those misplaced files and folders! A little more difficult of a free computer tip to implement, but very effective!

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