Is Your Small Business Getting the Most Out of Its Advertising Budget? When to Expand

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Even though most correspondence is handled via email nowadays, more than half of all Americans still enjoy receiving mail and checking their mailboxes for letters and magazines. Although many businesses confine their marketing to digital media, many do recognize that people still enjoy receiving promotional gifts and printed advertisements the old-fashioned way: by mail.

Across America, businesses spend over $44 billion on direct mail marketing every year. Simple fliers, restaurant menus, and coupons make up the bulk of direct advertising by mail, but some companies send out promotional calendars, bumper stickers, or even more comprehensive brochures to potential customers, hoping to grab their attention as they pick up their daily mail.

About three out of every four small business owners reports that they advertise their products with a mix of digital and more traditional, printed materials. Printing services can often make larger promotional materials for customers that they can display publicly: businesses hoping for the “wow factor” are willing to try a wide range of marketing strategies to attract new customers.

Buying billboard space along public roads, large-scale banner printing for display, and “car wraps,” printed advertisements designed to be displayed on motor vehicles, are all newer strategies that many businesses are willing to try. Banner printing can be an effective way to reach customers who drive past business locations. Printing services often offer wide format banner printing that is visible from a distance. Company logos and phone numbers can be incorporated into large format printing projects.

Outdoor advertising like banner printing and car wraps can also add up to significant savings for businesses who are looking to increase their level of brand recognition among potential customers. Often offered at a much lower cost than television, newspaper, and internet ads, wide format banner printing and billboard advertisements can help new businesses widen their reach and help established businesses in their quests for expansion.

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