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Whether you’re just getting started as a small business or freelancer or have been in the game for a while, having a fantastic website is an absolute must in today’s digital world. Yet, getting started with website design can be difficult. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The good news is that you really do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating your website. Try searching “best basic websites” to get an idea of the sorts of designs that work well with simple websites. There are tons of simple sites that consist of just one beautiful homepage with limited but nicely displayed information. Consider taking a look at your competitors’ websites — pay attention to the information included and the layout of their websites. If you’re interested in a more complex website, try searching for “best business website designs” for inspiration.

Remember, it is often possible to set up your own website using WordPress — there is often no need to spend time searching for award winning website designers, particularly if you are only interested in setting up a basic informational website for a local business.


The best way to market in the Internet Age is to have a high quality webpage. Consider, according to recent statistics from Internet World Stats, 34.3% of the world population uses the web regularly to connect with their friends, play their favorite games, and shop with their favorite brands. It’s that last part that interests most people . After all, according to Internet Retailer, eCommerce sales are expected to eclipse $1.25 trillion in 2013.

The number one way to get access to growing eCommerce numbers is to focus on web design for both mobile and traditional users. According to Pew Internet, more than 50% of Americans now use a smartphone. As research numbers from Marketing Charts show, 33% and 34% of mobile users, respectively, say they are spending somewhat and significantly more time shopping on their phones this year. Even so, as statistics from KissMetrics show, more than 73% of mobile users say they encounter non-mobile optimized websites, leading to slow loading times and disinterest.

As many are finding out, the best way to fix this problem and offer professional web design that caters to all consumers is to contract with web site design companies. According to IBIS World, the American web design industry will draw in an astounding $20 billion this year, a 2.7% increase over 2012. Subsequently, more and more web designers are looking for a piece of the pie, many of whom are low quality. Here are four tips to help you find only the best web site design companies.

  1. Decide What You Want

As Quick Sprout suggests, the number one way to find what you’re looking for with web site design companies is to know what you’re looking for. If you have no idea what you want out of your website, how can web design and development companies?

  1. Search Professional Communities

If you’re having a hard time finding reputable web site design companies, Mashable recommends searching the web’s best professional communities. Sortfolio and Authentic Jobs, for example, have extremely useful search engines for locating web site design companies and their reviews, meaning you can find a reputable company quickly.

  1. Cost is Relative, Controllable

As Forbes writes, serious quotes from web site design companies can range anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000, but you shouldn’t be choosing a company simply on their price. Why? Because more often than not, you can set limits to control the price. For example, tell your web design company you want X, Y, and Z done within 40 hours of work to limit your costs. Setting limits allows you to focus on the product while limiting the price.

  1. Sample Their Products

If you know what you want and you’re lucky enough to find someone within your price range with great reviews, do not hire them right away. Although the temptation is understandable, you should never hire web site design companies until you’ve sampled their work. Ask them for a link to previous work. You’re checking to make sure they can actually design a page and to ensure their style matches your tastes.

There is no doubt that the best web site design companies can give you a powerful marketing tool in a wonderfully crafted website. Using these four tips, you can make sure the web developer you use is only of the highest quality. Visit here for more.

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