Quick Intro to Nitrile O Rings and Their Purpose

A Nitrile O ring and seals are the most commonly used o-rings and seals on the market. The popularity of the material is due in large part to its excellent mechanical properties.

Nitrile rubber (NBR) o-rings, also known as Buna-N, are one of the most commonly used sealing elastomers due to their resistance to petroleum-based fuels and lubricants and its relatively low price.

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Nitrile elastomers are copolymers of acrylonitrile and butadiene. There are a number of common variations of nitrile compounds. Nitrile o-rings may also come in a metal detectable variation while retaining the same qualities as the general Nitrile o-ring compound.

The function of O rings is to seal a joining of two pieces to ensure that no air, gas or liquid can pass. Typically, they are fitted into a groove and designed to resist pressure. The resistance is what prevents air or liquid from escaping or entering the joining. Nitrile ‘O’ rings offer a reliable and cost-effective option for a wide range of general-purpose applications. As an elastomeric material, nitrile has many mechanical properties that make it well-suited for O-rings and sealing applications. Nitrile holds high fuel and oil resistant properties. It is known for its tensile strength.

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