Securing Devices with Mobile Device Management Systems

Mobile device management software

Mobile device management systems or MDM allows corporations to manage and secure mobile devices that have sensitive business data on them. Mobile device management software is an important security step for companies to take, if devices are lost or stolen, MDM software can remotely lock or erase information from the device. Mobile device management systems can be installed on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and mobile point of sale devices. MDM software can require users to implement passwords on their devices or require that users change their passwords after a set period of time.

With the continued rise in mobile computing, over 1.2 billion people access the web on smartphones, the use of mobile devices for business is also continuing to rise. It is estimate that by 2012 62 percent of employees will use smartphones for business. As a cost saving measure, and with the high level of mobile devices available to consumers, many business have turned to bring your own device models. With BYOD networks, mobile device management systems that can secure multiple devices and platforms is important. Scalability and use across multiple platforms are essential when investing in mobile device management systems.

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