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Word Press was released in May of 2003 and already it is making its presence known in the community with over twenty thousand people, especially that web design Albuquerque worker that is in different professional roles with WordPress. In fact, it seems that over twenty thousand people making their livings off of this invention. Word Press has been key of many Albuquerque web design professionals that use this site and have their sites seen by nearly four hundred million people monthly and garner over three billion pages in creation. WordPress and SEO in general have gained their popularity due to SEO being a marketing strategy that optimizes websites based on the way a search engine works and what people use that search engine to search for. WordPress creates sites, and has helped web design Albuquerque professionals find their niche in this world.

Albuquerque seo doesn’t deal with as much competition as any given product in New York City, but it surely does require web design Albuquerque professionals to work hard to make sure that their client gets seen on the web. If someone is not getting the service they want with one web design Albuquerque professional, they will stop at nothing to go with another web design Albuquerque professional that they feel they can get better results and service from. With over sixteen percent of all sites running on WordPress, it is no wonder that the average web design Albuquerque professional is up at all hours trying to work on one of the estimated fifty eight billion sites swarming the web that are running on WordPress today! Therefore, it is important to acknowledge that the world on online media has grown and his brought forth career opportunities for many. We can see this as one positive to the marketing strategies that have claimed market share in the world today.
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