Things You Need to Know To Start a Career in Logistics

What are logistics recruiters looking for? What’s a career in logistics even mean? Read on to learn what you need to know about having a career in logistics and what logistics recruiters are looking for.


Logistics is all about supply and demand and keeping the supply chain running smoothly. For example, supply chain management experience is something that logistics recruiters are frequently looking for. Someone working in logistics is going to be required to develop good relationships with suppliers, understand the needs of customers, find ways to lower the cost of moving items, and make sure that everything is transported safely and on time. There are many things that require logistics. The drug packaging industry alone, for example, is worth $66 billion. The flexible packaging industry needs to be able to deliver their products everywhere and on time, and the flexible packaging industry directly employees 79,000 people and is the second largest packaging segment in the United States. This is just one area where logistics is important, as the food flexible packaging market alone accounts for about 58% of all shipments.

There Are Not Enough People in Logistics

Shipping and delivery are so crucial that logistics is one of the most in-demand fields. Logistics is not a high profile field and so is often overlooked by people entering into a career. Careers in marketing, finance, engineering, medicine, and even teaching are well known; but as logistics recruiters can tell you, logistics is often done behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. Recruiting firms have trouble filling these positions. Estimates are that recruiting services will be looking to fill nearly 1.5 million jobs in 2018 and will likely not be able to fill them all.

You Can Work Almost Anywhere

There is no standard work setting for those in a logistics career. Some in logistics work in factories. Others work in a delivery or pickup center. Some work in office settings and some move from place to place. This means that if you are talking to a logistics recruiter, it’s a good idea to find out what the specifics will be for your working conditions.

Logistics is Only the Beginning

While logistics are a very important part of the whole supply chain management, they are only one part. It gets a whole lot easier to make sure that everything makes it from point A to point B when the person arranging it is familiar with all aspects of supply chain management. Taking some courses and training to familiarize yourself with all other related aspects of supply trade management will make you even more desirable to logistics recruiters.

It Can Be High Pressure

Logistics can be a very high pressure job because many other people in the chain of supply management will be depending on you. If you fail to be diligent, or if you fail to plan correctly, other people cannot do their job and deliveries fail. Even if you do everything right, the unexpected can still happen at any moment. However, for those who can do their job and keep their cool the opportunities for advancement are huge.

You Need Education

If you are interested in a career in logistics, you’ve made a great choice. US News and World Report put logistics at number six on their best business jobs list. This ranking is based on a good median salary and excellent job and promotion prospects. Getting qualified to enter this career is all about getting the right education. About 76% of employers are looking for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree. An associates degree is helpful, but a bachelor’s degree is better. Getting and pursuing more education also shows that you are serious and motivated. That is precisely what logistics recruiters are looking for.

A career in logistics could be one of the best life choices you ever make. It’s a very complicated job, but it’s worth the work and has endless opportunity for advancement. Look into supply chain management and logistics management education near you and start your career in this exciting industry.

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