Three Essential Aspects of Custom Rackmount Cases for Electronics

2u rackmount cases

Do you have to ship or store complex machinery, like a server or other type of computer? Does your job involve rough conditions, such as travel or military responsibilities? If so, it may be necessary to store your electronics in a rackmount case, which is made not just for storage but to allow you to use those devices, as well. Rackmount computer cases can be used either stationary or in motion and enable the user to utilize equipment in any situation. Rackmounts can also be custom ordered to ensure a proper fit for equipment.

Why use custom rackmount cases? With custom design packaging and rackmount cases, your computers and servers can stay safe and functional. If your company is in the market for server cases that withstand rough conditions and give you the storage you need, here’s what you should look for when purchasing a rackmount case:

    1. Durability Rackmount cases are made to withstand tough conditions, but in order to find the perfect one, it’s good to know which features to look for. The best material for rackmount cases is aluminum because aluminum cases can withstand hot and cold temperatures, absorb shocks, and provide adequate protection. When properly sealed, they can also keep dirt, dust, and moisture away from a server, too, which is great for times when transport is necessary.
    2. Customization In order to receive the best protection for your servers and other equipment, ordering custom rackmount cases is essential. Custom rackmount cases can be made to the specifications of your product, and some can also provide foam inserts and draw down latches perfect for storage or use. Custom ordering your rackmount case will ensure that your equipment will be adequately protected both in use and in storage.
    3. Multi-purpose A good rackmount cases can be mounted on a wall or other surface for easy use, and many of them can also store equipment, too. They can be used in vehicles, aircraft, and even in combat zones. In the event that equipment must be stored, look for rackmount cases that have covers and latches to keep items secured.

Have questions about custom ordering your rackmount cases? Be sure to speak with a supplier about your options. You can also leave a comment below.

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