Three Reasons Small Businesses Need the Cloud

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The “cloud” has become a part of the collective lexicon these days, and if you don’t already know, this isn’t in reference to the white, puffy things in the sky. The cloud refers to large computing spaces that can be accessed remotely for the use of things like computer services or data storage. The whole concept can be pretty confusing, but it’s here to stay and there are a number of benefits of using it — especially for small businesses.

1. Cost Savings
Overhead expenses are one of a small business owner’s biggest concerns, since they have a direct effect on the bottom line. Using cloud computing solutions actually saves a small business money. Not having an actual physical server in the office means that there are no associated costs like the electricity to run it and the maintenance like temperature control and physical server racks.

2. Increased Storage Space
Part of needing an affordable dedicated server is needing storage space for data, which is usually limited by using a smaller in-house server. Taking advantage of cloud computing solutions is worthwhile for small businesses because the storage space that it offers can be increased as need be without a lot of hassle — the business owner would just pay a bit more for the extra space.

3. Save Staff
Another one of the biggest expenses a small business faces is paying the employees, and having using cloud solutions can help either eliminate positions or help optimize the time of the IT staff that the business already has. Using business cloud computing services means that there is no need to manage or install any hardware or software, since it’s already done and the services are pretty easy to use to begin with.

Do you have any questions about using the cloud for your small business? Feel free to let us know in the comments. Good refereneces.

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