Three Tips for Not Making The Same Old Mistakes Again

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When you ask a child to imagine the future, many of them will instantly start drawing flying cars. While flying cars might seem like a great adaption, in reality, they probably wouldn’t be that exciting. Crashes would just happen much higher up, and insurance rates would be consequently higher.

What if the future meant not making the same mistakes over and over? Making small changes in how we manage our lives can make a big difference in our lives. What changes can you make in your life? Here are three suggestions.

1. Eat Frogs First

“If you eat a frog for breakfast, chances are that will be the worst thing you have to do all day,” Mark Twain once wrote. The point of this quote is that it’s easy to procrastinate when you leave off your least favorite tasks until the end of the day. Instead, throw your habits into reverse and try and tackle the hardest problems first so that you cut down on the time you spend dawdling on Facebook.

2. Use Cloud Computing Solutions

Have you ever worked hard on a document only to lose it after hours of work? Most people have had this experience, whether it’s work or schoolwork, or even an iPod that loses its songs somehow. Using cloud hosting services can cut this mistake out of your life forever. Cloud solutions can instantly store your information to a remote server so that you can access it anywhere, and so that, even if something happens to your phone or your computer’s hard drive, you won’t lose your information.

3. Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Many people have found out the hard way that the company they invest in, or buy something expensive from, is disreputable. Today, though, we have the world in our hands when it comes to the internet. Anything you want to find out, you usually can. Avoid easy mistakes. Whether it’s checking to see if a hair dye works, or if a landscaping company has a good Better Business Bureau rating, check first.

Do you use cloud hosting in your everyday life? Let us know in the comments. Read more like this. Read more here.

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