Three Ways to Fireproof Your Data Center

Some people may not be familiar with the concept of a data center, although they might indirectly use it very often. Basically, a data center is a building, group of buildings, or even an assigned space within one building that is utilized to be the location for components that are associated with computer systems, such as storage systems and telecommunications. Data centers are very important for a variety of purposes, and it is very likely that you use one on a regular basis even if you do not know exactly how it works or how you are using it.

However, if you are directly working with a data center, you probably need to know a lot about topics such as data center maintenance services. People who directly deal with data centers need to know more about data center applications, and they may also have to deal with data center software companies. This is because different sets of data center standards best practices need to be met, as well as data center uptime standards. This way, both the groups of people who are using data centers directly and indirectly will be able to benefit the most from what they have to offer.

19 inch rack dimensions

Did know that more than 64% of fires in commercial properties are caused by power and climate control equipment — two things that no data center can go without? This means that your computer racks can actually pose a fire hazard if the proper fire suppression systems aren’t in place.

Here are a few ways you can minimize these risks.

Risk Assessment.

First things first — you need to get a third party fire protection service into your server room to assess what risks your computer racks may pose. This service will be able to find your data center’s most hazardous problems, offer solutions, and also analyze the financial and logistical impact of data center fire. Basically, fire protection services will help you cover the bases.

Early Detection.

You wouldn’t live in a home without a smoke alarm, so why would you put your computer racks in a data center without a fire detection system? Though these systems can’t do anything to extinguish the flames, they’ll still provide your data center’s staff with an early warning so that they can do something about the fire before it gets out of hand. Installing an early detection system amongst your computer racks will not only save you the financial loss of property, but could even save lives.

Suppression Equipment.

Unfortunately, the fire suppression equipment that saves human lives won’t save your computer racks. In fact, sprinkler systems can do just as much damage to servers and computer racks as fire can. Instead, use clean agent fire suppression methods.

Server rack enclosures pose a fire hazard, which needs to be addressed before anything goes online. If the dangers aren’t addressed, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t only be responsible for the loss of property, but the loss of human life, too.

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