Unstructured Data Extraction and it’s Benefits

Unstructured data extraction is a process that could lead companies to turning their heed and ignoring the information completely. The thought alone could lead them to thinking that the cost is not worth it and the benefit from it isn’t worth the time and effort needed to extract this data. With a little information such as the information below minds could easily be changed.

What is unstructured data extraction

Unstructured data extraction is extracted data that is not organized into specific categories and is compiled together into an undefined scheme. This information is gathered from a variety of places including facebook, text messaging, online searches and website visits. Facebook alone has almost 2 billion active users producing a vast amount of data each second. Though some of this information is used, it is only a small amount, only about 1%, that is ever actually analyzed and used. This is where an unstructured data extraction engine and unstructured data extraction software can be extremely beneficial for tapping into unused information.

What are the benefits of unstructured data extraction

Since this seems to be a goldmine, which has yet to be tapped into, knowing the benefits of this information can help your company. Read below to see the numerous benefits of unstructured data extraction.

Numerous Sources

There are so many sources to gain this data from that the results are staggering. Sources include social media, photos, email, documents and videos. These various sources account for over three-fourths of all stored data.


The ability to collect so much data from raw sources provides invaluable diversity and flexibility in how to use the information. Once this information is extracted it can be used in a variety of ways, since it was derived from a variety of sources. This allows you to use this information for a variety of reports to use to help gather loads of valuable information.


Unstructured data is created at all points during the day, all hours of the day. This means that there is constantly a new stream of data coming in. This reduces the risk of stale, old and outdated data being used or attempted to being used. This new fresh data provides a constant stream of information that can be used.

The time and energy used is definitely worth it in the long run. The benefits will continuously be seen with this effort. Tapping in on information that many companies overlook always has advantages, but this advantage is one that can continue benefiting over and over again.

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