What Cements That Powerful First Impression? Powerful Printing Options For Your 2019 Trade Show Booth

Good printing is the best kept secret of any successful business.

You don’t want customers thinking about the quality of your paper. You want them so sucked into your beautiful pamphlet or banner they skip right to the “I want to know more!” phase. This is best done by circumventing the basic printing process in favor of a high quality digital printing service. Custom printing takes on many forms today, all the better to address any issues as they come. Whether you need attractive business cards or massive banner printing, your Boston print shop will have you covered in time for the deadline.

Keep these common rules-of-thumb in hand when you talk to your local printing companies and you’ll enjoy success every time.

Trade Show Booths Need Large, Attractive Graphics

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they walk by your trade booth? This is the question any exhibitor needs to become comfortable asking if they’re to make their minimum at the end of the day. A common rule-of-thumb for designing a booth is using around 40% empty space. This actually helps the eye travel around naturally (you don’t want customers getting overloaded with cluttered visual feedback). Large banners surrounded by smaller signs will help in teaching visitors what you have to offer in a short amount of time.

On-Site Signage Saves You Time And Money

Are you sorely in need of a little marketing boost? You might be tempted to apply to your local newspaper for some advertisements. You’re actually much better off using on-site signage — recent studies have concluded the value of on-site signage is equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements every year. Compare this to another study that found out 35% of customers find out about local businesses after seeing a sign while passing. This is a great way to promote your business without constantly pouring money into more and more new (and very temporary) advertisements.

A Good Business Card Goes A Long Way

How do you give your customers a little something extra to remember their experience by? Make sure you have new business cards to hand out at your booth. The average company today allocates around 30% of its total marketing budget to both events and exhibiting, resulting in a $25 billion spent every year by American exhibitors for trade show displays. Business cards should be appealing to look at, yet simple in their design. You don’t need more than the business name and contact info to keep customers in touch.

Printed Material Often Holds More Appeal Than Digital

Should you forgo printing companies in favor of digital marketing? This is a surprisingly common misconception, one that can potentially set your business back. People today are often more engaged with printed material over digital, the latter of which is consumed in 15 seconds or less. A printed pamphlet, poster, or business card can be appreciated or offered to others, creating a sense of familiarity that just doesn’t come across through a screen. A 2013 survey found up to 70% of consumers are extremely likely to reference a print directory during an emergency.

Local Printing Services Will Walk You Through The Process

What can printing companies do for you? When you need bulk print orders completed in a short amount of time, custom printing in Boston is more than up to the task. Printing is a complex process that involves using the right kind of paper, the right size, and the right colors. You might even need to ask a professional their thoughts on graphic design or text size. A study on the power of printing for trade booth displays found nearly 100% of marketers stating they found unique value from trade shows they didn’t get from other forms of marketing.

Beautiful banners, sharp business cards…printing companies will make sure no customer walks away without a positive first impression.

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