When Was the Last time You Updated Your Company’s IT Plan?

Technology companies offer a number of wide array of services that help businesses of all sizes. From industrial technology (IT) services to finding the right network security options, it is important that every company explores all of the available options from technology companies in the area, and around the globe.

Managed service providers and network monitoring services are an essential part of companies that serve a variety of purposes. Banks, school districts, hospitals, and other locations have many needs that rely on technology. With the right network support, in fact, airports, city utility companies, and other entities can provide the best products and services to their clients and customers.

Finding the Right Technology Support Can Help Your Company Succeed
We are a nation that is completely dependent on technology. In fact, even the advertising that we were once used to has now been taken over by the digital marketing that is provided by search engine optimization (SEO) companies. Likewise, the security of any company is dependent on the integrity of the technology that is provided to a company.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the role that technology companies play in the role of today’s world:

  • 47% of enterprises indicate that they have lost data in the cloud and had to restore their information from backups.
  • 20% of all small businesses will be hacked within one year.
  • 47% of data losses are due to end-users deleting information.
  • 17% of data losses are due to users overwriting data.
  • 13% of data losses are due to hackers deleting information.
  • Technology also allows companies to set up work at home opportunities for many workers. In fact, nearly 66% of large companies in the U.S. permit occasional telecommuting, according to a 2013 survey. This number is double the amount from 2005, according to the same study.

In today’s world, it is important to make sure that all of the necessary technology is available and in place. From the initial digital marketing that is needed to help a new company get started to the data storage that is needed to ensure the safety of data that is stored in the cloud, there are many ways that businesses of all sizes rely on technology companies.

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