Why Every Business Owner Should Invest in a Call Handling Service

Call answering

Many people long to be their own boss, with the perception of freedom being especially appealing. That’s the key word here; perception! Sure, business owners are their own boss and don’t have to work under another individual, but they’re under a lot of stress of their own. Owning and operating a business requires a great deal of responsibility, in addition to self discipline and excellent time management skills. On a day to day basis, business owners have a lot of tasks that require their attention. As such, any way to delegate these responsibilities can help make a business operate more efficiently and make it more profitable.

You only get a one time to make a first impression and this is especially true when it comes to business and the level of customer service they provide. Therefore it’s extremely important to make that first impression count! All it takes is a simple misunderstanding for a customer to walk away from the business or worse, post a negative view online that can be seen by hundreds if not thousands.

Though customers still visit brick and mortar businesses in person, a lot of customer interaction nowadays is done digitally through email or via phone. For as convenient as this is, it also presents some challenges in terms of customer service. After all, it’s harder to interpret tone and intention via email than it is in person. Though phone interactions can be better than email, employees who answer the phone should be customer focused and have the proper training necessary to handle customer calls.

Business owners don’t have time to answer the phone because of all the other big ticket items they have to concern themselves with. Likewise, their employees may be busy with other tasks or may not have the kind of phone demeanor needed in order to provide top notch customer service. Why gamble when it comes to first impressions over the phone when a call handling service can make the best first impression possible?

A call handling service, such as a business telephone answering service, provides business owners with a variety of benefits that can make their business run more efficiently and in turn become more profitable. A professional answering service is just that — professional. Whereas a business owner or their employees may not know how to effectively handle a difficult customer for example, the skilled professionals at a call handling service will know exactly what to do in order to resolve the problem in the most sensitive way possible.

Live telephone answering services provide many other benefits. Here are just a few:

Never miss sales calls again

For business owners, sales calls are the bread and butter of their business. And if a potential client or customer can’t even get a hold of you, what’s the point of dumping thousands of dollars into advertising and marketing efforts? A missed sales call could me thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Live phone answering services prevent the costly mistake of missing a sales call from ever happening again. A call handling service is wise investment that will quickly pay for itself by making sure every sales call is answered and handled in the best way possible.

Eliminate the cost of having to hire a receptionist

Hiring a receptionist can be expensive, especially for small businesses that may not receive enough calls on a daily or regular basis to justify hiring a full time employee. Even though other employees or team members can help out and answer a few calls here or there, this will take them away from their own work and in turn cost money. Compared to trying to answer even a small amount of calls in house, a call handling service is huge money saving investment. And after hours answering services allow customers allow business owners to literally make money and engage with customers in their sleep!

Size matters

A professional call handling service gives the great first impression that a business is larger, well established, trustworthy, and dedicated to their employees. It also gives off a sense of professionalism that is sure to keep customers coming back and referring others to a business.

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