Why You Should Update Your Business Phone Systems Sooner Rather Than Later

A business phone number still using an outdated system won’t be able to keep up with the growing demands of the business, which can result in sluggish service and more frequent malfunctions. You can add a business phone number to your social media profiles or pick one or all of these alternatives to stay ahead in the game.

One of the choices available to you is using VoIP PBX systems, an updated form of the traditional exchange. Although it performs the same tasks as a conventional PBX, it offers a great deal of additional functionality and is cost-effective.

You also can get a Google phone number, which will allow you to make and receive calls through voice.google.com or the Google Voice app. If you do not wish to answer calls made to your Google Voice number, you have the option of linking other phone numbers to which calls should go.

Setting up call forwarding, saving messages, and giving several employees access to a single phone number is simpler if you also use a virtual phone number app to get a bespoke phone number for your company. A virtual phone number for your company enables you to utilize the same number on various devices, including desktop handsets, mobile phones, and laptops.

Cloud based business phone systems

It can be daunting building your business. You already have a marketing plan in place and have done your best to reach out to customers and similar-minded businesses alike over the year but something just isn’t quite clicking. Could your technology be to blame? One of the most common mistakes a small or large business makes is forgetting to update the foundation every year, falling behind on the essentials and unconsciously wasting time and money in the long-term. Whether it’s looking up cloud technology or checking out a premise based VoIP system, there are more than enough options to cure what’s ailing you and get you back on the right track in time for the new year.

What Are Advanced Hosted Telephone Technologies?

Communication is better than it’s ever been before. Why settle for less? A recent article by Forbes revealed some troubling information regarding the technology undercutting both small and large companies — it was revealed that a whopping 70% of Internet leads are wasted due to extended response times. It was also discovered that it takes at least two days on average for a return call to be made, with representatives only calling once or twice. A premise based VoIP system can address all of these issues in half the time it takes a traditional phone system to do so.

What Are Cloud Based Solutions?

Does your business seem scattered at times? It’s time to pull it together with the cloud. Cloud technology arranges and distributes updated information as quickly as possible, allowing all your employees and related businesses to stay on the same page no matter the time of day. Studies have shown companies saving significant amounts of money by moving to the cloud, as many as 80% over the past few years, and nearly 15% actually downsized their IT after adopting a cloud strategy.

How Is The Industry Faring?

Did you know that the global market for cloud equipment is going to exceed $80 billion by the time 2018 rolls around? It’s never been a better time to catch up. Of the business phone solutions that are most desired in the future, over 40% of survey respondents say they wanted to obtain voice mail messages as e-mail attachments. According to The Connected Executive Forbes Insights, the end of 2016 will see a tipping point in mobile technology used — most businesses are going to do their work primarily over mobile devices.

What Else Should I Know?

Switching up your technology means saving money where you’d normally lose it and reducing unnecessary time wasted to keep your business model as efficient as possible. Small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of local calls by at least 40% and over 70% of contact centers plan on expanding the use of virtual agents within the next year. According to Information Week, over 70% of companies indicated they have either installed a cloud system or have plans to do so.

Which Solution Is Right For Me?

It’s time to make some changes. No more dropped calls, wasted time or lost information! A premise based VoIP system will save your business both time and money in the long term, allowing your employees to leave messages, make calls and conduct meetings with ease they didn’t have before. Cloud technology, on a similar note, will provide you with the opportunity of distributing information more efficiently than ever before. VoIP business systems can be installed easily with business phone system consultation and will be the gift that just keeps on giving. Are you prepared for the future?

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