3 Benefits Of Hiring A Print Company To Help Advertise Your Business

Rush printing

In our increasingly digital age, it can be easy to scoff at printing services as a method of advertising. but there are still an incredible number of benefits to the word in print, and if you’re considering printing ads or literature about your business, you need to be aware of what they are:
1. Hiring a print company is cheap.
By this we mean, commercial printing in the form of banners and outdoor signs is over 50% more affordable than buying up time on the radio or shooting a TV commercial and hoping you make back your investment. What’s more, print companies are aware that they’re competing with the internet and other forms of digital media, so their prices are even more competitive now than they were in the past.
2. Hiring a print company gives you flexibility.
Part of being a print company nowadays means offering services like 24 hour printing, banners, direct mail templates, rush printing, and digital printing technology. There is a plethora of options to choose from at any print company worth its salt for you to get your message out there, and the best part is, using any combination of the above products will help you achieve the ultimate benefit of print marketing…
Hiring a print company is effective.
“Junk mail” gets a bad rap, but actually three quarters of consumers prefer direct mail marketing because it allows them to read through the advertisements they are interested in at their leisure. Furthermore, even if they ultimately classify your mailing as junk, they will almost definitely see it within the day, as junk mail must be sorted through in order to get to things like bills and medical alerts. In today’s services-saturated society, it’s often simple brand awareness that places you over the competition. Just ask Coca Cola what we’re talking about.
Please comment below with any print company recommendations. We’re always looking for professional outfits to pass along.

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