4 Industries that are Benefited by Digital X-Ray

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Digital x-ray is a great step in the technological world not only in the medical field as we are most familiar with x-rays but in the industrial scanning industry as well as others. Digital x-ray imaging is where sensors are used to capture images instead of the regular photographic film. This makes the time used much more efficient and forgoes the chemical processing side of x-ray. A lot less radiation can be used in order to create an image that is very comparable in contrast to traditional radiography. Digital x-ray still has the ability to immediately view the image but eliminates the need to process the film, which saves a lot of money. Over and under exposure is less of a problem than with traditional x-ray making it easier to apply special image processing methods in order to enhance the whole quality of the overall image. Here are some things that digital x-ray can be used for.

Medical Scans
Of course, we know that x-ray is using in the medical field. Many patients undergo x-ray imaging in order to look at problems inside the body. Many of these problems have to do with bones, tumors, organs and other issues that would be difficult to see other wise. The light and dark shadow contrasts that x-ray images provide show the doctor where the problem exists. Having access to a digital x-ray makes those contrast stand out a lot more, allowing the doctor to give a more accurate diagnosis without having to spend more money and time doing more tests on a patient. The better quality of the image gives doctors a better idea of what kind of treatment will be necessary in order to fix whatever is going on inside the patient’s body.

Aerospace Scans/strong>
NDT or non destructive testing has grown in leaps and bounds since the invention of the digital x-ray. NDT testing in aerospace, specifically, is important because it can check for tiny cracks and possibly defects that are not noticeable to the naked eye in the mechanics of civil or military airliners. If these problems are not detected, there could be fatal consequences, ending in loss of life. A digital x-ray can be used to check over all the mechanics without causing any damage to them at all. The images will then be quickly uploaded and scanned for defects before the airliner is launched into space.

Land Measurements
Many land surveyors or contractors will use laser scanning equipment in order to accurately measure a property. This saves time and money but eliminating the need for recounting like when it is done manually. A digital x-ray will ensure accuracy on the first try. It can even get in to difficult areas and corners and joints to give an exact measurement that would otherwise be guesstimates. The traditional methods of measuring the land only gave a general idea of what they were looking at. Using the laser scanning techniques can give an exact picture and image of the size of the land and what can be build on it. Because of having exact measurements, exact blueprints can be made without ever having to drive heavy machinery besides the x-ray out onto the land.

Dental Scans
Digital scanning has made it’s way into the dental industry as well, making it much easier for dentists and orthodontists to take clear images of the inside of someone’s mouth. The fact that a lot less radiation needs to be used makes these types of x-rays very attractive to whoever needs them. Dentists need exact measurements and pictures of a patient’s mouth in order to be able to design retainers, braces and much more as well as being able to see any problem areas that lay beneath the surface. A digital image will show up much faster and more accurate than the original analog method.

As you can see, digital x-ray imaging is a very versatile and efficient process that can be used and is used by many different industries making the whole idea very profitable. Time efficiency, money saving and accuracy is what is really important to discovery and invention and these are the exact things that a digital x-ray technique will be able to offer any industry that invests in the technology.

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