Android Management Helps Businesses Utilize Mobile Devices With Safety

Android management

By the year 2015 more than half of the smartphones used in business will be owned by employees, according to projections. If you are looking for Android device management that can help you manage Android in the enterprise effectively, take time to seek out the latest and greatest Android management tools. Improving your Android security model is easier with the right software tools in place.

Android, sometimes known as Droid, is an operating system based on Linux that is commonly used on touchscreen tablets and smartphones. In the third quarter of 2012, manufacturers shipped 136 million Android phones, representing a 75 percent share of the market. Increasingly, employees are utilizing Android devices so that they can handle the responsibilities that they have at work. Android management protocols will help your company keep all of the data that it works with on these devices safe so that the business is not at risk of a security breach.

57 percent of tablet owners today report that they handle work as well as personal tasks with these devices. Android management has the ability to secure business data on tablets so that this information is never compromised due to a device being lost or stolen. Global mobile traffic on the web makes up 10 percent of all Internet traffic. With proper management your company can utilize these mobile devices in the safest possible way, which will make sure that you get the most out of the technology that employees implement to handle business tasks.

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