Why A BES Policy Is Necessary Today

Bes policy

The BlackBerry 10, which is slated for January 2013, will run on QNX, considered to be much more secure than other mobile operating systems which is ideal for a BYOD system. BlackBerry is considered to be a leading brand in the enterprise mobile computing industry, while Android and iOS based devices are generally targeted towards consumers. With the right type of Bes security policy your company will have Blackberry mobile device management that allows you to get the most out of your Blackberry devices. Look for a BES policy that protects all of the data on your company devices.

Reports show that by 2015, more than half of smartphones used in the workplace will belong to the employees that use them. Because devices that are owned by employees are at risk of being lost or stolen, having a BES policy in place is important for companies that want to safeguard their data. Mobile management allows for restricting access to sensitive data that belongs to the company and managing installed applications and device passwords.

Companies that have employees that use personal devices for work purposes may need additional security solutions that can be implemented easily with a third party MDM provider. A Bes policy is crucial for companies that are looking to ensure that their data is safe from being compromised. Take the time to get this kind of policy in place so that your company devices will always function at the highest possible level in your office.

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