The Importance Of ActiveSync Security Policies For Modern Enterprises

Activesync security policies

ActiveSync is a protocol that allows mobile users to check work email no matter where they are or what kind of device they are using. If your company is utilizing exchange ActiveSync it is important that you get protection for Activesync android users can rely on to improve the safety of their devices. With appropriate ActiveSync security policies a business can safeguard the data that they have on mobile devices and ensure that their business is running properly.

Cloud based mobile management can provide excellent dynamic security and compliance options that consistently monitor devices and automatically take the necessary action if a security breach is detected. Cloud based mobile tools will also instantly support new upgrades to mobile operating systems. Be sure that you select Activesync security policies that are current with the latest technology so that you can have confidence in the security systems that your business uses.

ActiveSync security policies are ideal for organizations that have employees that use their devices for both personal and business reasons. About a third of employees today that use a personal mobile device for work purposes say that the business data on these devices is not encrypted or secured in any way. 54 percent of workers use tablets for business and personal reasons. Make sure to implement high quality security policies so that your Androids can be used safely by your staff no matter what kind of work you do or how long you have used Android devices in your office.

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