Do You Travel with the Right Cables to Make Sure You Are Always Connected?

Surge protector

What are the top items on your packing list for the upcoming trade show? Cat6 cables bulk? Power strip surge protector? USB 2.0 cables? While we may be getting used to living in a world that is constantly connected, it is still a good idea to pack the basics for video, sound, and computer connections. Few things are more basic than Cat6 cables bulk. Used for connecting to in-wall internet access, this type of network ethernet cable will have you covered if the WiFi is not available.
Even though they are not the newest way to connect, both quality constructed Cat6 and Cat5 cables can last as long as five to ten years. Purchased in bulk and in a variety of lengths these cables are often the first thing on many presenters’ packing lists. The 75 ft and 500 ft ethernet cables can keep you and your technology connected even when others are struggling to find internet WiFi service. although the length of the cable does not matter when it comes to sound and video quality, if you plan to use a cable over 100 feet in length, the best advice is to invest in a HDMI cable that is specifically designed for your purpose.
Because they can be used in so many environments, many offices and presenters purchase ethernet cables, USB cables, and surge protectors in bulk. These larger purchases not only make sure that you get a better price over paying retail prices at electronic stores, they also make sure that you always have what you need. A team of five or six sales people traveling to different locations around the country do not need to be sharing something as basic and affordable as ethernet cables.
As we become a society that tends to rely more and more on our cell phones for internet access and nearly every form of communication, it is important that sales people and trade show presenters still understand and remember the need for basic equipment and cables. The most elaborately prepared video presentation will be useless if you do not have the cables you need to connect to the audio, visual, and internet connections that you need to show it.

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