Facts About Dry Ice

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Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide most commonly found in laboratory settings or as a base ingredient for fog machines, now has another purpose. Dry ice blasting companies use the substance as a way to clean various surfaces without leaving behind any unwanted chemical residue. The dry ice is sped up in a pressurized air stream that is then directed at the surface that needs cleaned.

Because the dry ice pellets are actually soft, they dissipate once they hit the surface of what they are cleaning. CO2 blasting is therefore less abrasive than other forms of blasting such as sand or plastic pellets. Co2 cleaning can be used for cleaning a variety of objects no matter their size or shape, including for sterilizing food processing surfaces to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria. Dry ice blasting rental can also be utilized for cleaning machines without taking them apart.

Dry ice blasting companies are approved by environmental cleaning services because the products leave behind no harmful chemicals and residue, and the dry ice is easy to obtain. Also, because it dissipates on contact, special cleaning is not required to get rid of any left over pellets or blocks. Dry ice blasting companies, are required, however to use vents at ground level or higher to remove the gas after it has left its solid form. Dry ice blasting companies were first established in the 1980s.

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