How a Company Can Use Web Portals

Mobile applications

In a world of greater Internet competition, public facing web applications and mobile applications are getting increasing media attention. While web and mobile applications are important for businesses, web portals are also important for businesses that offer services online. These web portals allow clients to optimize their service, and let them interact with businesses on a more intimate level.

What are portals? Like public facing web and mobile applications, portals are a way businesses share customer information, such as blogs, corporate news, and other information. Unlike web and mobile applications, portals are password protected. They are often meant for a client to access the part of the site that provides services.

A well designed portal can let a client do many things. He can interact with customer service through a secure messaging system. He can use a portal to fill out paperwork, or actually obtain services. Finally, he can make payments online. With faster payments, this means a business has to worry less about getting paid on time, and keeping accurate records.

Of course, a business has other uses for a portal. The best have developed mobile applications to let their clients access them from anywhere. However one builds a portal, that business must choose wisely how it is constructed. For more information, read this website.

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