Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Expect the unexpected — it’s a slogan you’ve heard a million times. In the world of information technology, expecting the unexpected is an absolute necessity. Since unpredictable events are the one thing you can count on, it’s essential for every business to have a disaster recovery plan which protects hardware, software, camera systems, unified communications and data center.

1.Protect your cyber-security. We hear about it on the news constantly. Sony Pictures, Staples, Target, and even the US federal government have all been victims of major data breaches in recent years. The issue is so prevalent that, in 2013, 43% of U.S. companies experienced some sort of data breach. A disaster recovery plan can protect your data, VOIP phone systems and IT systems from attack by cyber criminals.

2. We’re only human, after all. According to insurance-provider Safeware, human error is the cause of 29% of data loss. While no company can avoid all human error, camera systems are a great way to monitor your data center and ensure that your staff is alert and performing to expectation at all times.

3. Nothing lasts forever, including hardware. Everything is vulnerable to failure—from servers, to camera systems, and hard drives crash in the United States at a rate of 140,000 per week. A disaster recovery plan is an essential means of guiding your staff through a systems failure—especially if it happens overnight with a skeleton crew on duty.

4. Mother Nature isn’t always on your side. With major storms and other natural disasters in the news, it’s clear that every business must prepare for the worst nature can throw our way. For this reason, it’s essential for data centers to be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and generator, to ease you through unexpected power outages.

5. Guard against the criminal element. Security and camera systems are a big part of disaster prevention. Your disaster recovery plan should include a procedure for monitoring your security systems and alerting law enforcement if a break-in has been detected.

When an unexpected disaster does strike, whether it’s a hurricane, human error or just a simple hardware failure, a disaster recovery plan is an essential part of maintaining business continuity. With a written plan to follow, management can maintain a calm and rational atmosphere, should an emergency arise. A disaster recovery plan will also ensure that each of your managers has a clear understanding of their expectations, and can handle the emergency in a way that best serves the interest of your company.

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