Meet Lily, the World’s First Throw and Shoot Camera

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Point and shoot digital cameras are loads of fun. They provide an easy, simple way to capture high-quality pictures should any opportunities for photos arise. However, online digital camera stores may replace point and shoot digital cameras with throw and shoot cameras soon.

Lily is the world’s first throw and shoot camera drone that can follow its user, allowing them to get dynamic, unique shots they from a myriad of points of view.

All a user has to do is toss Lily into the air, and it’ll start shooting. What’s really interesting about Lily is the fact that it’s like a GoPro you don’t wear. It follows its owner around, getting the shots they can’t using its complex software and a GPS tracker.

Don’t worry about it clipping you, though. Lily flies a minimum of five feet above its user’s head, and a maximum of 50 feet. Thanks to its rechargeable, built-in, lithium-ion battery, it can fly for a solid 20 minutes, giving its photographer plenty of time to snag the shots of an event they want to get.

Lily was also built to be as tough as its GoPro competitor, so it can handle any sport and activity its user decides to do. When the photographer is all done, and wants to put Lily away, the throw and shoot camera’s tracking device guides it to the home base — the owner’s hand — where it will make a graceful landing in their palm.

There are also accessories available for the new, throw and shoot camera, such as propellers, cases, and more.

Pre-orders of Lily cost $499, and are expected to come in February 2016. Those who decided to wait for its official launching, though, will have to pay the full retail price of $999.

If you have any questions about this amazing camera, feel free to share in the comments. See this link for more references. More.

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