Is 2015 Going to Be the Year of the Breach? Cyber Security for Cloud Computing

Cloud security broker

Following the Cold War, the Soviet Union provided international access to its secret nuclear research towns in a bid for transparency; American pundits then circulated a story that the Soviet Union’s nuclear program consisted of one reel-to-reel tape recorder-cum-launch sequencer. Nuclear stand down? Just unplug.

With the shift toward cloud computing and government cloud security on the state and local levels, we have to make sure that cloud computing infrastructure and “big data” management and security techniques aren’t resulting in outdated tech that can easily be compromised. Cloud brokerage services are putting cloud consultants into the field to help local and state governments navigate the switch to an integrated service mode.

Cloud computing is a misleading term, referring to remote information storage as opposed to the use of local servers managed by individual companies. There are still warehouses with endless banks of servers running around the clock; however, offshoring the infrastructure can save local and state governments up to a third of their IT operating costs.

It is good business at a time where pressure to provide connectivity and to streamline social service access is the norm. “Do more with less” is a mantra that will be familiar to those who lead. Cloud brokerage services are mending the gap by supplying executives with highly-tailored guidance.

At a time where nearly half of all businesses are investing in security personnel and are creating intensely rigorous protocols for cloud security, utilizing cloud broker services can streamline the process of conversion to private or hybrid cloud computing services. Data breaches are not inevitable.

In the next four years, the demand for private security consultancy will surpass $8 billion dollars in the U.S. alone

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