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The success or failure of business, big or small, is often determined not by the goods they sell or the services they provide, but the best practice marketing and advertising tips they follow. A company can make an initial splash in an already saturated market, but without company website design tips and internet marketing services their initial presence may trickle away to nothing.

Take a new Montessori preschool. for example. Many parents will be drawn to the school because of its philosophy and its “follow the child” mantra. If, however, the school does not have an internet presence, fueled by search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, it might not succeed as well as the older, poorly designed and under-qualified staff of another school three miles away.

An estimated 93% of all internet use begins with a search engine. If the name of your Montessori preschool and daycare do not show up near the top of the search, your chance of attracting the internet users attention is very slim. Someone who is well versed in marketing and advertising tips can help you increase your presence and frequency when potential customers begin an internet search.

For example, an estimated 81% of businesses report that their blog is an important strength of their website. So if blogging is what drives the inbound leads why not hire an SEO company to increase and improve your blogging presence? A per classroom, daily blog of topics that inform and entertain your parents will increase the traffic to your site and drive the influx of new families and their children. In any given field, blogging topics are easy to discover. In the education and childcare field, for example, consider blog topics like:
–What makes a Montessori child care center different from a regular daycare setting?
–How can I bring the Montessori environment into my home?
–What should I do if I my child cries every day when I pick her up?
–How do I know if it is time to have a play date with one of our Montessori classmates?
–Is bringing my child to a Montessori environment better than keeping him home alone with me?
–If I keep my daughter in a Montessori classroom through kindergarten will she transition will to traditional first grade?

Internet searches directly initiated an estimated 25% of all American online purchases during 2010. A study by OutBrain shows that search engines are the the top driver of traffic to websites highlighting content. The global search engine industry is worth approximately $16 billion. How can you compete if your big or small business does not follow the best marketing and advertising tips and actively try to increase its internet presence?

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