Fortifying Your Business’ Internet Infrastructure and Identity

Within the modern business world, technology has become much more than just a tool in the common workplace infrastructure. Data management, communication tools, and information security are just a few ways that generalized and specialized technologies have been integrated into the working world, serving as both a solution and an issue in the workplace. Generally, a company’s ability to navigate and utilize various technologies, from hardware to software, is a useful and trainable tool. Just as computer repair technicians and IT consultants can provide services to your company’s hardware needs, so too can a digital marketing firm or internet marketing company service your online presence, voice, and profile. There are a few ways to improve and fortify your online presence to ensure that you are getting the most out of your company’s technological features, as well as remaining in the spotlight of the online world.

When it comes to using the internet, approximately 93% of all internet experiences begin with the opening of a web browser (Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, etc.) From the web browser, most users search for their websites or information using the search bar, predominantly using exact terms or approximate terms to find the information. The best internet marketing strategy is to seek out the terms that are being searched most often, and apply them to your web pages in order to bump up the possibility of your page appearing within the first page of the web search results. This first page placement is incredibly important: around 75% of internet users won’t go any further than the first page for their information. To accomplish this, it is important to understand the process of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). SEO work requires using an SEO service or program to comb through the most popular associated terms for your business, product, or service. Those key words can then be applied to your webpages in order to increase its relevancy in worldwide searches, thus increasing the likelihood of your company’s website appearing. Done properly, the optimized website will see more web traffic than its previous iteration, and likely more customers as a result. It is best to consult with an IT consultant firm or a digital marketing company to either obtain the software for SEO combing or have their specialists personally work on your site to identify local SEO terms that will boost your relevancy.

Just like computer repair technicians pride themselves on repairing defunct hardware in your company technology, social media marketers and digital marketers pride themselves on repairing defunct aspects of your social media accounts. Unlike computer repair technicians, however, the work done to a social media account is more about maintaining an image and voice to relate to prospective and loyal consumers alike. Research shows that a majority of marketers (upwards of 93%) use social media to some capacity. On social media, consumers are more apt to spend significant time looking at your company with an interest in your presentation (that is, the voice and image that you use to sell the products.) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are incredibly viable places for uploading your content, deals, blog/vlog materials (which can increase your indexed pages and SEO terms by 434% over companies that do not blog), and other such public assets. Facebook, especially, proves to be the most effective in attracting consumer attention, with advertised or “boosted” posts and notifications for when your company uploads something to the Facebook page. While these pages can typically be managed by someone within the company, seeking the help of an outside hire with social media marketing experience or consulting with a digital marketing company may improve the image without worrying about constantly updating on company time.

The Internet requires a specialization outside the physical scope of computer repair technicians: it requires skill, effort, and vigilance to create and maintain an online presence. By utilizing the search functions of a web browser with SEOs, or by customizing a functional social media page, the ability to navigate the ever-changing world of interactive technology is simply a click away.

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