Data Rack Products, Data Servers, and More

Any business that needs to store a large quantity of data will, more often than not, use some type of server rack set up. This is a big room that features a ton of computer databases, like the ones often seen in espionage action movies. However, this becoming less and less efficient with the rise of cloud servers. Now, data rack products seem to a thing of the past.

A 2011 survey features some serious foreshadowing for the future of data. This survey revealed that nearly 40% of all large companies reported that they expected to go over their IT capacity within the next 18 months. Now, one could imagine what level of growth has occurred over just the past five years. Therefore, it is wise for companies to look past data rack products and to look towards a high-quality cloud data storage server.

Data Rack Products Are Costly

A recent study has revealed that nearly 80% of all data centers have begun to use containment aisle systems that include heating and cooling technology. This is done to make sure the servers inside are the correct temperatures while also trying to prevent extreme energy use. However, as time goes on and electricity prices increase, this is not viable for business anymore. Therefore, it could be the end of data rack products.

The carbon levy and currently rises in the price of electricity could increase the cost of keeping data racks cool by almost 67% over the next three years. However, by putting work into more efficient air conditioning appliances, businesses could reduce this cost by nearly 35%. As a result, there will be some businesses interested in still moving forward with their current data setup.

A recent survey was conducted amongst business owners their data usage. This survey revealed that only 25% of all respondents would choose to stay with storage if offered the choice of using a cloud-like application. These people are in the minority and will soon be left behind. Keep in mind that a study recently revealed that almost 82% of all companies that switched to a cloud device ended up saving themselves some money.

Data Rack Products Are Not Easy To Maintain

According to Green Computing norms, data rack products that are older than 7 years are out of data. However, many experts believe that the practical average life of a data center is nearly 9 years. Business owners should know that a cloud server application is going to exits for as long as they want it to exist!

A data center boasts a power density that is equivalent to nine small-sized shopping malls the size of a Wal-Mart. This is for just one data center and points to just how inefficient these types of data racks will be over the course of the next decade. Especially when business owners realize that they are much easier to maintain rather than a big, clunky, and inconvenient data center.

Poor maintenance failed air conditioning, and inadequate space are responsible for nearly 65% of all IT equipment failures. So this should help highlights why business owners should begin to look away from the inefficiency of data racks and big rooms like this. It will not only help them save money on bills but it is going to help younger workers feel at home. They will have more experience with cloud devices rather than a big data room.

Closing Thoughts On Data Racks

Any business owner unsure of what they want to do with their data situation should either consult with an expert or just look at the facts. All of the facts and information point to the future of data storage, which involves using a cloud data storage application. That way, businesses can access important documents with just the press of a button.

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