Companies With Active Blogs Generate Three Times More Web Traffic Digital Marketing Tips For 2018

Digital marketing isn’t as hard as it looks.

In fact, the most difficult aspects are just narrowing down your tactics to a few that regularly deliver. You might want to look into SEO to make your website show up more often in search results. You may be wondering if it’s worth investing in digital banners or if you should stick with traditional methods. There are hundreds of ways to get your business out there in the open, but only a few that really deliver. Make 2018 the year you really turn yourself into a digital marketing guru and embrace the resources at your disposal.

Choose a marketing company to help you out. In the meantime? Brush up on your digital marketing strategies below.

Digital Marketing Today

Beefing up your digital marketing strategy will mean the difference between finally reaching your monthly figures and wallowing in the dust. This is the same across the board whether you’re a B2C marketer or a B2B marketer, though a recent study of the latter found nearly 95% of B2B marketers using social media platforms as a major part of their content strategy. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is both more cost-effective and more diverse, which can be a double-edged sword when all you want is to bring in more results. The list below will explore the most popular choices to get you finally choosing a path.

Social Media

You use it, your friends use it, your customers use it. Social media is today’s most accessible and entertaining ways of connecting with others and learning about new brands. Which ones should you spend your time and money on, though? According to a research compilation released by the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, nearly two-thirds of marketers today cite Facebook as their most important social platform. Many B2B marketers, however, also rely on LinkedIn to make connections and update their personal blogs. No matter what you decide to go with, make sure social media is on the list.


Here’s another digital marketing strategy you’ve likely heard a lot about. This is an inbound method that’s been proven to deliver, with a recent study stating SEO leads to have a 14% close rate compared to the average 2% of direct mail and print advertising. Short for ‘search engine optimization’, SEO makes sure your website or blog shows up in people’s search results. Still not impressed? Google receives over 100 billion searches each month and, according to recently released data, over 75% of SEO occurs off-page. This is one strategy you won’t want to overlook.

Long Form Content

Want a good way to get customers curious? Generate more content for your blog. It’s been revealed that businesses that publish 15 or more blog posts per month will receive over three times more traffic than companies that publish four or five posts, much less none. Content comes in many different forms, as well, from microcontent that’s bite-sized for casual browsing to long form content that gets people really sinking their teeth into what you have to offer. Choosing a digital marketing firm is only half the battle. You need to appreciate why you need these tools in the first place.

Picking A Digital Marketing Firm

It’s all right to admit you need help. Running a business is hard work and there’s no reason to make it harder attempting to do everything by yourself. A recent survey found 55% of marketers citing blog content creation as their number one inbound marketing strategy, creating a steady stream of reviews, how-to lists, analysis pieces, opinion pieces and amusing posts to get customers checking back. According to a Global Digital Outlook Study, over 40% of marketers around the world are increasing their digital marketing strategy investment, to boot. This study elaborating they are spending half or more of their budget on digital means.

What could a boost in your digital presence do for your goals? Find out for yourself with offsite SEO or a weekly blog.

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