If You’re Advertising is Ineffective, You’re Going to Fail Here’s How to Avoid That

Newspaper advertising tips

Since The Boston News Letter ran the first paid advertisement in an American newspaper way back in 1704, advertising strategies have greatly changed. Just within the last 10 years, the internet has completely reshaped our business landscape, leaving many asking “how do you advertise in the modern age?”

If you were to ask a full service ad agency to break down modern promotions marketing to its most essential part, they would be forced to tell you that marketing yourself online is the key to your success in 2014 and beyond. However, that doesn’t mean you can just focus on SEO or just focus on content marketing. Finding advertising success online is all about taking a multi-pronged approach.

If You’re Wondering How to Advertise Effectively, Take an All Encompassing Approach

  1. Write Amazing Content
  2. Did you know that 61% of web users say they are more likely to buy from a business that maintains and updates an interesting blog? Tapping into that increased revenue potential is all about making good on that “interesting” bit. As Search Engine Watch points out, your blog should never come across as an advertising tool. Rather, it should be a source of interesting, exciting content that potential and actual customers want to share.

  3. Get on YouTube
  4. According to statistics from YouTube, the community-driven streaming video service receives more than one billion unique visitors a month. The potential for getting their products in front of these web users has driven upwards of a million marketers to the site. You, too, can take advantage of the power of YouTube by crafting a high quality, engaging video ad to use with the site’s monetization service. As Inc. suggests, you’ll want to follow a few simple rules to produce a video that will yield results:

    • Keep your videos brief and to the point.
    • Use clear, non-rhetorical language when trying to sell your product.
    • Know your limitations. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be. If your product is for middle aged men, target middle aged men in your ad.

  5. Don’t Neglect SEO
  6. No guide to how to advertise effectively would be complete without mentioning SEO. Despite the fact that most advertisers are moving away from a pure SEO approach to web marketing, 93% of online experiences still begin with a search engine, meaning SEO remains crucial to being found online. Lucky for you, content quality is now a huge part of SEO, so if you follow our previous tip, you’ll already have that down. However, you’ll still want to do your keyword research, optimizing content, meta descriptions, titles, and URLs, to increase the chances of your work popping in search engine results.

Stop asking yourself how to advertise effectively, and start implementing these tips to do so. Remember, no single advertising method can ever bring you success, but if you’re smart and use effective methods together, you’ll build a powerful, effective, and lucrative online marketing campaign. Continue reading here.

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