Three Important Updates in the World of Cloud Hosting

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Did you know that about 14% of U.S. companies that started using cloud computing services were able to downsize as a result? Cloud can help your business connect with the data storage it needs, as well as the better content management system it wants. What are cloud solutions? This is when software, hardware and data storage can be accessed from a remote location, allowing for companies to experience greater flexibility with what they can do, and greater access to the services they need. Here are three important updates in the world of cloud hosting right now.

1. Google Trying to Edge Out Amazon as Top Leader

Amazon is currently the industry head for cloud, and has been the top choice for many companies for years and years. In recent efforts to try and get a piece of the pie, Google has issued dramatic price cuts to its service. Why? By the end of 2014, the industry as a whole will be worth some $1.4 trillion. Amazon, though, has essentially created the language of cloud because there are so many libraries of code that have been created for the purpose of speaking with Amazon’s API.

2. Design Flaw in Secure Cloud Environments

John Hopkins computer scientists are reporting that they have found a flaw in cloud storage data solutions that could potentially jeopardize privacy protection. Researchers say that, typically, storage providers claim that their data is shared in “zero-knowledge” environments where employees cannot have any access to client data. This is only true, however, until the data is shared. At this point, it became possible for storage businesses to use phony “keys” to view private information.

3. Cloud Solutions — Next Big IPO?

According to CNBC, cloud is hotter than ever, and cloud storage companies might be the next big thing that people are going to want to invest in. Cloud solution company Box filed for a $250 million IPO this March, which gave the company an incredible $2 billion valuation. As other online stocks such as Facebook and Twitter have been dropping, cloud might see its chance to shine among investors.

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