Outsourcing Server Hosing VPS or Dedicated Servers

Whenever anyone wants to start a private game server for their friends to play on, they need to host that server somewhere. A server is basically a computer with a dedicated purpose, so some people do convert home computers into servers. But if you don’t want to mess around with complicated technology, you can try outsourcing server hosting.

Some companies specialize in hosting servers for all kinds of people.

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While all of these companies may look very similar at the first glance, they can be divided into two categories based on what they offer. Some of them offer virtual private servers and some of them offer dedicated private servers. So, which one would you need?

This video covers the basic differences between these two services. For most people playing games over the internet with just a few friends, virtual private servers will be some of the more affordable and practical options available. But if you need your server to perform exceptionally well, try going with a dedicated private server instead. These servers offer better performance in exchange for higher prices, but if you plan on earning an income off your server, you may need a dedicated private server to ensure you can meet your goals.


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