Whether you understand a lot about computers or not, it may be worthwhile to learn the difference between a server and a normal PC. This kind of knowledge can help you to understand how what you access online is working. In this video, you will learn exactly what a server is as well as different types of servers.

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This is a great video for beginners that will break down this subject into easy and simple terms.

A server can be software or hardware that processes requests. What does this mean? It is a central component that carries out the needs of other computers. They do this over the internet or via cables that connect them to the computers in question. An easy example is how the YouTube server allows you to watch videos on your computer over the internet. The video will go over a diagram to show you how this happens. There are also different kinds of servers, such as application, database, DNS, and more. They serve specific functions but carry them out in much the same way.


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