Purpose and Necessity of City Water Tanks for Rent

Stainless steel rectangular tanks

You have probably seen numerous storage tanks along the roads. Although they are extremely common, they are used for many purposes within a city. Cities use tanks for rent for water recyclability, water storage during construction or plumbing repairs, and for testing purposes. Each of these storage needs require that the water is separated and contained and tanks for rent are the perfect solution.

Water recyclability

Most city water systems are set up to recycle the water within the city. When your water drains from the shower, toilet, or sink, it is then sent into a city reservoir. The water is cleaned and recycled for additional use. However, because the water needs to go through careful recycling and cleaning properties, it needs to be stored until then. Tanks for rent are very large, aluminum tanks that hold the water securely. The tanks are durable and heavy, preventing them from moving. They are also air tight, keeping outside contaminants and other debris from entering them. This is especially important for drinking water sources.

The water also needs to be separated from water that is not recyclable, also known as wastewater. This is water that has been severely contaminated and should not be pumped back into everyday usage. For example, while around 70% of water in the Marcellus Shale gas country in PA is recycled, the remaining wastewater needs to be disposed of. This is likely due to the fact that the water in the big metal water tanks have traces of petroleum in them. The above ground cistern tanks are helpful in keeping these two types of water carefully separated.

Water storage during construction and plumbing repairs

There are many situations that lead to water construction and plumbing repairs. When a cities plumbing piping system needs to be replaced, for example, the water needs to be temporarily moved. If a certain area of the piping system is damaged and requires underground digging, the water should be moved temporarily also. Some companies spent a lot of time on drilling for city resources. This can also be dangerous to the water sources and it may be recommended that the water is moved for the time being. In any of these situations, tanks for rent will be brought in to store the water sources. It is also likely that these tanks will be bolted tanks for added protection.

Testing purposes

Each state and city requires minimum standards for household water sources. When these standards come into question, numerous tests are required and ordered. However, to obtain the most accurate of water testing results, the water may need to be moved to an easier access place, such as the above ground water storage tank design. This gives researcher?s access to as many samples as needed for appropriate testing. In the United States, there are about 16,000 municipal wastewater treatment facilities in operation. With so many facilities, there is almost always a need for custom storage tanks.

Water quality has flooded the media lately. Although it may seem like the Earth has endless supplies of drinking water possibilities, this is simply not true. In fact, centralized wastewater collection and treatment systems serve over 75% of the U.S. population. Much of the water around the planet is not safe for consumption. Bolted tanks are currently used frequently in cities to separate consumable water from contaminated water, to easily complete construction and plumbing repairs without ruining the water sources, and to test current sources of water. These tanks for rent are invaluable for these purposes.

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