Secrets to Starting a Trash Removal Company

Trash removal services can be a very lucrative business if approached correctly. Here are some tips and tricks to starting a successful trash removal company.

Turn your van in to a money making machine by simply removing junk. Over time, appliances and furniture break down and people don’t know how to pick up or dump.

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At times brand new house is completely furnished when it is foreclosed. This is the best because there will be much more work and money to make. There are also hoarder homes where you will find lots of work and money as well. Locate foreclosed homes. If you are able to keep in contact with a good broker that needs to clean out estates, you are in business. Consider advertising your business name and information on the side of your van or truck, or using a magnetic sign. This way every time your truck is on the road people can see that your services are an option. Whenever you are done with a job, no matter how small it may look, give them business cards. Let them know that you are here to do jobs for others if necessary.

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