The Power of Google Maps

If you’ve been a frequent traveler in the United States, then you have seen your fair share of Google Maps. The intense satellite-powered web of roads keeps millions of Americans on time for work every single day, while allowing others to go on cross-country road trips. This app is truly extraordinary and ground-breaking in mapping software, allowing us to see anywhere from “street view,” but how did it come to be? How does it work? This video shows the role that mode and carrier service optimization studies play into the success of Google maps.

Without a doubt, Google Maps is deeply integrated with several package delivery services. By tracking the data and statistics of delivery drivers across the country, Google is able to quickly and accurately chart out optimum routes for deliveries.

Video Source

Studying traffic patterns helps Google to accurately chart unique and individualized routes for each driver, while being quick to recalculate routes as needed. Considering the unpredictable amount of mail per day, the system needs to be flexible and reliable to daily changes. Tons of research and timed studies go into finding perfect delivery routes.

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