Slow Computer Testing Your Patience?

Tips for a faster computer

Did you know that, on average, computer problems crop up once every four months, and Americans will spend up to 12 hours every month trying to fix them? Most people and their desktop computers, or laptops, are attached at the waist. In fact, a 2007 study reveals 65% of American adults spend more time with their computers than their spouses. Spending that much time working, or browsing, on a slow computer can be tiring and frustrating. Get your computer back up to speed with these simple tips for a faster computer.

Start Off on the Right Foot

A slow start up is not an indication of good things to come. In most cases, slow start ups can be chalked up to a lot of programs starting, and running, automatically. The more programs running on your computer at any given time, the slower it will run. To cut down on the number of these programs, pay attention. A lot of programs will install with the option to “launch at start up” automatically selected. When installing new programs, look out for this feature, and disable it. If it is too late, there are ways to pick and choose which programs do, and do not, launch at start up. Use Google to explore these options for a PC, or for apple computer tips.

Update at the Most Opportune Times

Updates can be tricky. If you choose automatic updates, your PC may take it upon itself to update during work, especially when you are in the middle of something. It can be wise to choose manual updates, but do not put them off forever. Updates help your computer stay virus free, and they can help your computer run faster, too. Instead of skipping or perpetually putting off updates, try scheduling them late at night, when you are likely to be in bed.

Need tips for a faster computer? Faster computer tips start simple. Pay attention to your start up programs, the number of programs you have running at any given time, and choose convenient times for critical updates.

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