Tips to Help Your Computer Run Like It Should

Computer tips in urdu

Computers are arguably the most helpful technological tools around. That is, when they are working. At the end of the day, if you are unable to keep your computer in good working order then it is probably no more useful to you than a very large paperweight. There are two basic computer tips that everyone should know. In order for your computer to continue to be a valuable tool to you, you need to know how to fix a crashed computer, and how to speed up slow computers.

  • How to fix a crashed computer.
  • Whether your laptop crashes or your desktop crashes, it can be incredibly frustrating. You might lose hours of work, or find your activities being constantly disrupted by something seemingly unpredictable. A computer can crash for any number of reasons, and it can be very difficult to link a specific event to the cause of a crash. Much of the time, a crashed computer is related to malicious programs, or malware. Approximately 92% of spam emails contain links to download these malware, which can be anything from spyware, to viruses, or key loggers. Approximately one in 14 downloads contains malware code, so safe internet use is critical to keeping your computer in good working order.

    To fix a crashed computer you should first attempt to restart it, and then download programs which detect and destroy malware, spyware, and adware. Make sure your computer is outfitted with a firewall, spam filter, and antivirus software to protect against future attacks. If your computer is crashing whenever you run a certain program, consider uninstalling, and re-installing the program. If your computer is repeatedly crashing and preventing you from accomplishing anything, then you should bring it to a professional for diagnosis and repair.

  • How to speed up slow computers.
  • The slow computer problem is so common that individuals who fix computers report that it is the most common case that they see. Slow computer fixes start with making sure that you have an updated browser and operating system. Did you know that 66% of computers do not get updated regularly? For a faster computer tips include defragmenting the hard drive, running only the necessary programs, fixing corrupt Windows registries if you have a Windows computer, and removing malware.

Once you learn how to fix a crashed computer and fix a slow computer you will have gained valuable skills to keep your computer secure, and in good condition. Many people do not realize that in a lot of ways a computer is like a car, and needs consistent upkeep and maintenance to run smoothly. Most computer issues can be traced back to a system that has not been “cleaned” recently, and so protecting your computer from the get-go, and using applications to remove malware threats are big steps in the right direction.

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